This is one of the 5 footers. Digging the square again. I’ve been painting rectangle canvas for a bit-it was free to me-so I used it. But my heart is in the square. Not sure why but that is where it’s at. Red of course is an awesome color in oh so many ways! Not.Enough.Red.



Goodness, what just happened?? The year is almost over! So much has happened this year.  A year filled with many delights…like professional art business coaching, a little travel-AZ, beach house celebration in Ocean Shores, seeing many great art exhibits like Camille Patha at TAM, Women Printmakers of WA at Cascadia Art Museum, and Dakota Modern The Art of Oscar Howe at PAM plus my own participation in a show at TCC, a Blackberry Smoke concert, big birthday celebrations (looking at you Emma & Jackster!),2 floods in the studio, loads of painting (in spite of the floods!), new studio video’s and the Tacoma Studio Tour, to name a few. Craziness. Love it. I enjoy looking back at the year and seeing all of the things that happened in the world. Time is elusive and if you’re not careful, it will slip away unnoticed.



And what great adventures lie ahead??? Who knows for sure but I’m looking forward to it. Loads of exciting ideas in my noggin. Can’t wait to share them with you. Thank you for being here, treasured reader. I appreciate you very much. Hope you have a spectacular new year!


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