This photo is a detail of a painting I am working on with water slide decals. I’ve been experimenting with these decals for some time and decided to start a small series of paintings. More to come as the series develops. Also working with stencils-who knew? Really giving the paintings more 3D effects. It all ties to my absolute fascination with layers and transparency. Can’t seem to get away from it so I’m just going for it!

detail michael


I do see light at the end of the tunnel…..and it’s the right kind of light! The stay at home order is slowly getting lifted. At least in my neck of the woods. We are going to be stronger and more connected than ever. If you could see a silver lining in this pandemic, that’s it. Not working as much, spending more time with your loved ones, doing something you love-really love, trying something new. When the world gets back to the new normal, whatever that is, I am hopeful we will be kinder to each other.

light bulbs


As soon as I can, I will open the studio for company. I know 3rd Thursday will happen again, just not in May. Even though I may not see you this month, I am thinking about you! Hope you and your loved ones are well. Looking forward to hopefully, having the studio open in June and seeing your bright shiny face. In the meantime, if you need a painting anywhere…for a project, your home, your office, your client’s home or office, I have a Corona Deal for you. I can safely deliver to you-mask, gloves and hand sanitizer at the ready. Just let me know.

Photo B

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