Sept 2018

The commission for Percival Plaza is almost done! We installed 11 paintings on the 3rd floor. Had some help with my marvelous cousin Maren (who was visiting from Germany!), the contractor Kelly and the property manager, Shannon. It was such a joy to see the paintings on the wall and not on the studio floor. I will have more photos of the work actually on the wall next month. We have 6 more to go for the second floor and will install those early October. Then we start Phase II...the owner of the building is happy with the paintings, decided that we didn’t have enough, we needed more, thought 10 more would do it. But after installing the 3rd floor, he doubled the order, 15 more paintings! Wow!

installing 3rd floor (1)
installing 3rd floor... (1)

Participated in the Kirkland Art Walk at Honeymoon Financial Strategies. My friend Danielle is the owner and has been generous enough to let me hang a few paintings up in her space. We had a nice turn out! The work will be up until the end of the year and we are going to participate in a few more gallery walks. Check out the Kirkland Art Walk at

TAM_LogoBlack (1)

Getting ready for the Tacoma Arts Month Studio Tour! It’s right around the corner….October 13th & 14th from 11am-5pm. Exciting news, I am going to be interviewed early next month for Tacoma TV along with a few other artists to promote the event! I will share that interview when it’s done. You can visit the website and check out all the great events at Hope to see you in my studio next month!

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