October 2018


So many exciting things happened this month!!!!

Completed commission

I finally delivered the last few paintings to Percival Plaza.  Feels good to complete this project for a number of reasons…..first and foremost, the client is happy!  Always the objective! Second, the paintings look good in the environment (it’s awesome to see them on the wall rather than the studio floor!)  The interior designer gave us fantastic direction. Third, now I get to take a bit of a break and will paint other work before the next round. I anticipate that Phase II of Percival Plaza will start in January.  Another 15 paintings on the schedule!!! Woohoo!


Tacoma Arts Month studio tour

The week before the studio tour I was interviewed on a live show called City Line for TV Tacoma, along with 2 other artists that also had studios on the tour.  What a great opportunity and an honor to be selected for the interview. It was quite an experience to see all the behind the scenes work. The host Amanda Westbrook and her team were amazing!  You can go to the City of Tacoma website and search for TV Tacoma, look up the October 5th segment. It is less than 15 minutes long. Check it out!

For the studio tour, one of the requirements was to demonstrate my work/process.  I can’t do that and have people in the studio-otherwise they couldn’t walk in! My solution was to provide a video of my process.  I connected with Brian Parker/Digital Media Instructor at Bates Technical College (via my awesome cousin Teresa Borchardt who also works at the college!).  Brian introduced me to a student named Christian who helped me put a wonderful video together! I have been documenting my latest commission with videos and photographs.  Christian used his amazing talent, skills & intuitiveness to produce a video that really demonstrates my pours perfectly! Big THANK YOU to Christian, Brian and Teresa for helping me get this done.  And quickly-we only met a few times in less than a week. Amazing work!

guest wall artists
guest wall
guest wall artists(1)
friends and family-the after party

On the big studio tour weekend, Oct 13th & 14th, there were approximately 100 visitors to my studio!  Many signed my guest book (wall) and made art. Loved seeing that! As I met people and welcomed them into the studio, I directed them to the back of the studio to watch the short video Christian made of my process.  I could literally see light bulbs going off over their heads! Best thing I could ever do!!! They totally got it. I had the best conversations with my visitors. Some with a lot of art knowledge and some without a lot of art knowledge.  All were respectful and interesting. It was perfect!

What a glorious month October has been.  So productive and forward moving-truly inspiring.

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