Grateful. I put the studio back together this month.  After all the events in October, I can start painting again.  I have 6 new paintings in the works. Am in love with a metallic blue at the moment!  Also have some unusual combinations of colors I normally wouldn’t put together. I wanted to push some of the ideas I had with color on the last commission project.  Copper, gray & white. Silver edges.


Thinking about another series of paintings on the wall, not on the floor.  I’m figuring out how to hang canvas. I have a pile of Lumicor canvas I really want to use.  It isn’t mounted or stretched. It’s raw and l love the color, it’s a bit darker than regular canvas-unprimed.  I want to make some mixed media work-print, poured, drawings, etc. We will see what happens!

I delivered several paintings to Ledger Square Law Group in Tacoma this month.  They are expanding their space and needed more artwork. Their offices are very inviting and warm.  Every quarter they change the art and give the artists a reception. They are a fantastic group that appreciates art and supports local artists.


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