Never enough gold


Loving halo pink gold. Cannot get enough of this color. It pours beautifully, it’s creamy, full of pigment and dries with a pink tint. I look & find paint in all kinds of stores other than and in addition to the art supply stores. You never know what you can find on the sale rack!

a new gold


Feeling like I am on a marathon lately. I just can’t get enough surfaces to paint on. I received some cork tiles from my friend Janet (shout out and thank you Janet Matzke!). This photo is a detailed shot. Digging the texture and the quirkiness of the surface. Might have to grab more of these!.

cork it


July. Such a good month with many things to celebrate. Yahooie! It’s the last year of a certain decade for me and as usual I am celebrating my birthday like mad. With family, with friends, with co-workers, on the beach, in the bar, in the studio, at home….the list goes on. Cheers!


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