Finally done with this purple one. It needs a title. I have a folder in my office that is called ‘Word Library’. I collect words that I like, that might be part of a good title, that resonate with me somehow. A favorite art coach suggested this a long time ago & I have used it ever since. I was leaning towards a landscape title but maybe you have a better idea. Whatcha got?



This gorgeous yellow has some shimmery gold in it. When It drys it will be iridescent. There are so many possibilities with gold. I’ve also got some gold embossing powder on this one. You can see it on the left and right of the photo. It creates some interesting texture especially over the top of color.

shimmer (2)


Tacoma had an immersive experience exhibit with Monet. If you haven’t been to one, try to see one-they truly are an experience.The photo above was a photo I took of the screen.That is Monet’s brush stroke if you can believe it! They have a video loop of his paintings that zoom in and out. You get to really enjoy the paintings. The video is projected onto the walls and floor-you really are in the painting. The immersive experiences are becoming a big thing in the art world. Fascinating. Cheers to Monet and cheers to you!

monet (2)

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