March 2019

What a great month!!!  Went to San Diego to visit family and had the best time ever.  I have been there many times over the years and can honestly say that this visit was the first time it rained almost every single day.  Besides spending precious time with my family, the silver lining? I got to see a super bloom!!! What a fabulous site!! Poppies everywhere!  I also got to visit the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park. One of my favorite places. I was fortunate enough to see a show called Art of the 2oth Century, with included a Matisse, a Picasso, a Modigliani and several other famous artists. They also had a smaller show of German Expressionists.  Artists that I was unfamiliar with but thrilled to see!

I also had the pleasure of giving a presentation to 3 art classes at the Fife High School.  What a joy that was! I talked a lot about the business side of being an artist. The students were respectful, attentive, curious and prepared. They had really great questions….about copyright, titles, practice, my thought process, etc.  Their teacher is thoughtful and is giving them fantastic opportunities to learn. I was impressed all the way around with this group! I gave my presentations on a Friday, then the following Friday, a smaller group of students came to the studio.  The energy was amazing from these students! Their reaction to the studio was just the best. I talked more about my materials and the commission work I have in process right now. Again, their questions were outstanding….what if a work doesn’t turn out the way I want it, what about titles for a commission, how do you get started & get known, etc.  Smart students and smart teacher…I enjoyed this experience so much!

I started painting the second half of my large commission for Percival Plaza.  Again, it felt like Christmas unwrapping the canvases!! Still waiting for some of the canvas to arrive-the smaller ones are on backorder.  But I am pouring the bigger ones and getting it started. I am enjoying this project so much-trying to savor this second half.


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