Major metallic


Going major metallic lately…always my go to colors. This painting has a similar silver palette as the big 6 footer, which is coming along nicely. I also started a new copper painting. And of course I always have some gold paintings in the works!

Major metallic 1


Every October, Inktober happens. (Google it) This is my first year participating. My son is the one who suggested it to me. Now the whole damn family is involved, including my Dad and it’s awesome! Everyday there is a word, a prompt, then you make a drawing or painting or an artwork of some kind regarding that word. Every one of us has such different ideas of what that word means and how and what we draw. Fascinating. And of course my drawings are metallic white on black.

Major metallic 2


October is Tacoma Arts month (celebrating 20 years!) and I sure do miss the studio tours this year but there are a great deal of other events happening. Check out the calendar here for the last few events:

Major metallic 4

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