Hot Daze

Back in the Studio!!

The water leak is fixed, a wall has been replaced but no damage to the studio itself.  So happy to be pouring again.  I have my studio floor covered with works in progress.  Thinking about a new series of paintings-working with blueprints.  More info as that develops-shout out to M.M. for the materials!  

back in the studio

The Right Light

Now that I am back in the studio I am getting caught up with loads of other work besides painting.  I have a handful of paintings that are completed and need to be photographed.  It is a surprise to many how much work goes into painting after the fact. Photographing it, documenting it into inventory, hanging wire, a title, etc the list goes on. Getting it done this month.

the right light

The Heat

We are having triple digit temperatures like many others around the US, .  Washington state is known for mild temps-I want them back.  In the meantime I’ve been admiring all the hot air balloons flying in the area. They are gorgeous!  I guess the hot days are needed for this kind odf flying…and I wish I could have you in the studio with me where it’s cool.  When the pandemic gets to be just a dull roar, my doors will be open for a shindig. In the meantime, stay cool.  Wishing you and your family the best, safest August.

the heat

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