It always feels like xmas when big canvas arrives in the studio. Especially when there are 3 of them! This is usually a really big deal not just because I see blank canvas but a big deal because it’s hard to organize studio deliveries. Gratitude a bound for the delivery driver, who was not allowed to cross the threshold (that is an extra charge-of course it is), but managed to help me without getting into trouble. Gratitude a bound for the elevator working. Whew! And of course my gratitude for the canvas itself-cannot wait to start pouring!

oh boy


I’ve been on a roll since the Tacoma Studio Tours. I am painting like mad. Not sure what’s going on but I’m going with it! Will need loads of titles very soon, so watch out. I’m coming for ya! Ever so grateful for the help. Any suggestions on this one?



If you are looking for great gift ideas, I can help you out. I have a selection of inventory, completed paintings ready to walk out the door-all sizes and all colors. Let me know if you want to swing by the studio. I will give you a special discount-party bonus! There could be a libation or 2 involved with your visit should you want to hang around. More than welcome.Grateful for you reading this journal-thank you for the support. Hope your holidays are merry & bright!


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