Gotta Love Blue

Painting a few smaller works right now in the studio and loving this blue. Creating even more depth with pouring medium.  Looks milky white when wet but dries clear. It’s exciting to come into the studio and see what the pour looks like after it’s dried. It’s one of the best things about my process. It’s frustrating to wait sometimes because I can see several pours ahead, I know the path, but I have to wait until each pour is dry so I don’t mess it up!

Gotta Love Blue Pour

Tacoma Arts Month

Virtual life is here to stay for a bit. Studio tours for Tacoma Arts Month 2020 is on but virtual. Visit the website here: to view my video as well as other artists’ videos, photos and events until Oct 31st. Love Tacoma for being dedicated to supporting and showcasing the arts for a solid month!

Tacoma Arts Month

Rare in the NW

Definitely not virtual, real life and rare in the NW. Fall is normally rainy and gray. That makes sunshine on a fall day so glorious! There are more sunny days ahead. The world is crazy right now and it’s really important to breathe. It will get better. Enjoy the outdoors when you can. Stay positive and safe. Hope you and your family are well.

Fall colorful leaves

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