Feels so good to be in the studio. Love this silver. I am so inspired by my trip to Germany! I brought back a whole new spirit to work with, am more energized and spurred by everything that I saw and felt. I did post on Facebook everyday about my trip, feel free to check it out. Link below. Or come to the studio and I will talk your ear off!

Definitely monumental - 1


My travels were interesting with borders. No one really paid any attention to me, which is good! My last trip to Germany was in 1985 (yikes!) and the wall was still up. At that time,my Aunt & I traveled all over Germany and did some border hopping to neighboring countries. Of course I had to ask her to please have the border guards stamp my passport! I thought she was going to kill me-such an American thing. (She still loves me!) This time around I didn’t have to ask. I just got the stamp at the airport-whew!

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The only other border hopping this time around was in the Netherlands….no stamp, just a sign on the Autobahn! We traveled to the Hoge Veluwe National Park in Otterlo,Netherlands, which housed the phenomenal Kroller Muller Museum and Sculpture Park. Kind of unusual, check out their website here:  The photo above is on the way to the museum in the park. So beautiful! Now my head is going to landscapes…..I’ve got a whole pile of beautiful landscape photos from Germany as well. SO MUCH INSPIRATION!

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