As I sit here writing this on the last day of 2017, I am amazed at how fast time flies by. I am so different now sitting at this desk than I was one year ago and I anticipate that I will be even more different by this time next year. Or that is the hope anyways! Improving every year is the goal. In painting and everything else. I am so very excited for 2018, so many wonderful things on the horizon.

The studio floor is covered with all of the last minute paintings I am trying to complete before I hang the show next week. Looking forward to seeing them on the wall. And looking forward to celebrating with you at the opening reception January 19th!

My painting continues to change (whew!) and my thoughts about painting are getting deeper. I enjoy talking with several close individuals about this. My Dad, also an artist, gets fired up about the latest and greatest products. Following directions and then not following directions. How far can we push it? My good friend and mentor, Camille, have the same language when it comes to color. The joy of color is endless for us. Another good friend and mentor, Francoise. She is all business and an artist to boot. A lot of shop talk about little & big ideas-the market, global & locally, to frame or not to frame, marketing my work, etc. And in these conversations, abstract ideas come along-the deeper thinking. I am very lucky to be surrounded and supported by such amazing people.

So grateful for 2017. So happy about seeing 2018 around the corner! Cheers!


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