Cheers to 2021


2021 is already making progress. So many things have happened in the world in the first few weeks that have passed us by. Take it as a positive or a negative but I lean on the positive-I am an eternal optimist. This painting is also making progress. Almost done. Needs a title-got any ideas?



Another lucky number, #14! I leased an adjacent space next to the studio. It was vacated and I jumped on it. Once the tenant improvement is completed, I will have a dog leg shaped studio. Works out nicely because I will have an extra 8-10 feet of painting space-glorious! If all works out, maybe I can have an open house in April to celebrate 4 years at the studio and you can see the new addition…



On New Year’s Day I was on the beach-I wanted to see and feel that expanse of water and beach. (Even if it was a PNW beach!) There is something so wonderful about the ocean. It is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Makes you pause, think about things. I am ever so grateful for a new year. And for you….hope to see you soon in 2021!

Beachin It

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