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KABOOM What other word could you possibly use to describe Cobalt Blue??? Damn it’s a great color! Especially against gold & bronze. Layering up this painting with big pours is like herding cats but it’s getting there. And very much worth the blood, sweat, & tears!

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STAY WHERE I PUT YOU PLEASE More progress with the bronze & gold 5 footer. I love the size but the bigger you get the harder it is to control. Sometimes I have to really get the painting off the floor, as you can see here. I want the paint to stay where I want…

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SQUARE This is one of the 5 footers. Digging the square again. I’ve been painting rectangle canvas for a bit-it was free to me-so I used it. But my heart is in the square. Not sure why but that is where it’s at. Red of course is an awesome color in oh so many ways!…

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OH BOY It always feels like xmas when big canvas arrives in the studio. Especially when there are 3 of them! This is usually a really big deal not just because I see blank canvas but a big deal because it’s hard to organize studio deliveries. Gratitude a bound for the delivery driver, who was…



A CLEAN-ISH STUDIO It’s always gratifying to purge and clean up the studio-even if it’s only once a year. The studio tours always push me to get this accomplished. Other good things happen as well. This year, more new work was completed. A new video, from blank canvas to finished painting, was completed too. The…

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IS THERE REALLY ENOUGH PURPLE IN THE WORLD? I think not. This painting is getting really rich with some glorious purples. It will be done in time for the studio tours next month…stop by and see it. Maybe you can title it! Yes I will have paintings in the studio that need titles, just like…

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