Blue it is….beginning another 5 foot painting. Trying a new texture. We will see what happens. Love the size! Go big or go home….

another 5 footer begins.


This past month I’ve been very lucky to travel and see 2 exhibitions. In San Diego, at the La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum, I was introduced to a fabulous artist I knew nothing about. Niki de Saint Phalle. Google her if you don’t know her!  She was a French American artist and the show focused on her work in the 1960’s. I was particularly thrilled with her work shooting (yes, literally, shooting with a gun) her canvases that were loaded with pockets of paint. The photo above is a detail of one of these paintings from the catalog. The other show I saw was at the Portland Art Museum, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism. Wished there were more of Frida’s larger canvases but did enjoy seeing photos of her in her studio. Nice to get a glimpse of how she worked. Good shows all around-very inspiring!



We made it-summer is here!! Loads of good things coming. I am in a group show of local artists at Tacoma Community College. It runs June 29th-August 18th. There will be an artist reception on July 14th from 4-6pm….would love to see you there! Will send you an invite soon.


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