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DETAILS 1 Working on a series of 4 paintings. This is a detail of one painting. The compositions are based on a painting that my Dad painted a long time ago, a very special childhood place with warm memories, the skeleton tree. Gold background with warm oranges, pinks & yellow’s with bold strokes of dark…

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TACOMA STUDIO TOURS-GUEST WALL What a successful weekend!! Big fat thanks to all who stopped by! I had over 100 people tour through the studio. What great conversations were had! And very international….take a look at the guest wall and you will see an international flair including Ukrainian & German. Great artwork on the board.…

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BLUE One of my favorite albums of all time,’Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis-playing it right now in the studio. I cannot seem to get away from blue recently. I’ve got no less than 5 paintings currently on the floor that have some kind of blue in them. Digging this blue and gold on black!

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BACK IN THE STUDIO Feels so good to be in the studio. Love this silver. I am so inspired by my trip to Germany! I brought back a whole new spirit to work with, am more energized and spurred by everything that I saw and felt. I did post on Facebook everyday about my trip,…

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FEELS MONUMENTAL The first pour always feels monumental! A new adventure. A new challenge. Exciting! That blank canvas calling my name-outloud. 3 in a row, silver on black. Loads of texture and metallic!

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ANOTHER 5 FOOTER BEGINS Blue it is….beginning another 5 foot painting. Trying a new texture. We will see what happens. Love the size! Go big or go home….

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