Art Commissioning

Benefits of Art Commissioning

Art commissioning is a good option for you if you like how I paint but want something specific for a specific area in a specific size.

I am comfortable working with architects, designers, developers, stagers, property managers or private individuals. No fear of paint chips, fabric swatches or a specific palette.

Residential, hospitality or commercial spaces, my work will add to the ambiance of ultramodern and create a feeling of energy in your space.

A few additional benefits of art commissioning with me:

  • Multiple paintings, I can tackle large projects
  • Investment
  • Affordable
  • Flexible terms of payment available
  • Can choose size(s)
  • Can choose palette
  • I’m easy to work with-professional, reliable and experienced

Ideas & Thoughts for Art Commissioning

Why not include me in the design process?  I’m willing to make site visits, attend meetings, to listen and participate without stepping on anyone's toes. I know who writes the check. It’s very helpful in my process to know what’s going on with the space or building. The thought that goes into the work is palatable.

Why not go for multiple paintings? Because I pour on the floor in my Tacoma, WA, art studio, I can paint one or 5 or however many paintings you want all at the same time. And I guarantee my work. You will love it or I will make requested revisions until you do love it.


Art Commissioning Process

Since you already like how I paint, the next part is easy. We meet to discuss the quantity, size(s), and palette. As I mentioned above, I will be happy to meet with whoever is working on the space, on-site or otherwise.

Delivery time is based on how many, and large the paintings are. Usually, one painting can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on the size. I do offer a volume discount for any commission over 5 paintings.

A 50% deposit is required upfront with a signed contract. The remaining 50% is due on delivery. I can help with placement, but hanging the paintings themselves will be your responsibility.

I do have connections with people that hang paintings for a living, and they are very affordable.

Get Started!

Contact me to start talking about your project or to schedule a studio visit - happy to help you.


Lisa’s work is phenomenal!

"Percival Plaza engaged an interior designer to help guide our common area improvements to keep our building up to date and competitive in the commercial office market. We found our way to Lisa and had an instant connection that brought the whole project together perfectly.

Lisa has valuable experience with commercial properties and an eye for detail. She worked with the designer to customize the art pieces based on the color pallet chosen for the improvements. 32 pieces later, the project turned out amazing, and Lisa’s work is phenomenal!

Lisa’s professionalism and talents are unsurpassed. Her insight, perspective, and ability to work with a wide array of personalities are both professional & spot-on. We will use her again in the next phases of our improvements and recommend her highly to anyone in need of customized art."

Shannon Tiegs

Asset Manager, Percival Plaza, Olympia

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