Almost There

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green has been on my mind.  Not a color I usually use but it’s been showing up lately.  Pushing my palette is a good thing.  Change it up.  Makes me think about different combinations of color.  I love this dark rich green and copper.  Shout out to my cousin for the inspiration on “being green”.  He makes me think too.


Photo A

July is a Good Month

We are almost there.  June is still a bit tricky so I’m shooting for opening the studio for Tacoma’s 3rd Thursday in July.  Slowly but surely we are opening back up.  Just want to make sure that everyone is safe.  July is also my birthday month-we can celebrate together!  You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to visit #13 anytime and we can social distance. 

Photo B

Better Days Ahead

Among the craziness of the world, the sun still shines and the earth still spins. So grateful that it does.  Look around you. Good things are happening-like flowers.  Hope you and your family are well.  Happy Summer.

Photo C

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