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Tacoma Artist Lisa Daniel - Artist Statement

My paintings are organically abstract. I work with color, transparency, depth, and texture. I pour, direct and manipulate multiple layers of thin acrylic paint, gels, paper, and other mixed media.

As an abstract artist, painting is a very physical process for me-I like to see the paint react to different situations and conditions. I distort the paint by adding large amounts of water, and additives like gels, flow release, glass beads, etc.

Every pour is risky. Covering a layer or a partial layer and revealing something better.

When looking at my paintings, I want the viewer to walk away with their own idea of what they saw or felt. To truly look requires a certain amount of openness. As an abstract art artist, my intent for the paintings isn't always what other people see. That’s ok. If the viewer really looks at the color texture, depth composition, or anything in the painting and feels something, then it’s successful.

Abstract art by Tacoma artist, Lisa Daniel.
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What you need to know about this Tacoma Artist

Reliable. Yes. Absolutely right. An artist that is reliable-that’s me. I always know who writes the check. I show up. I meet with you and/or your clients and present a skilled choice that you made. Together, it's business done right.

Professional. I am comfortable working with architects, designers, developers, stagers, or private individuals. No fear of paint chips, fabric swatches or a specific palette.

Experienced. My work is hanging on walls throughout the Northwest region and beyond. I’ve been at it for over 30 years. In commercial buildings, businesses, and private collections alike.

I have held board positions with various art projects, consulted, and collaborated artistically with art events. I also served as a Public Art Commissioner for the City of Fife, serving two 3-year terms.

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So full of energy and imagination!

"I have admired Lisa’s art for many years and am so fortunate to have some of her art in my home. I love that Lisa encourages everyone to see what they will in her paintings – they are so full of energy and imagination. I see them as portals to a beautiful world of color and inspiration – I will treasure these always."

Karen Houser


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