A New Year

Januarys are for Reflection

A new year is here. 2020-a year of promise. And a new decade on top of a new year! Love it! A new year always feels so good to me. Like a do-over, a clean slate, another chance to get it right as Oprah says.

To me, January’s are for reflection. Walking along the waterfront in Tacoma was a perfect time to do this reflecting. Looking back at last year and for that matter, the last 10 years are an amazing scene of memories, great achievements, yes-a few setbacks treated as learning lessons (only way to deal with those) and truly, time flying by.

This makes me think that I really need to pay attention. Right now. What will happen in the next decade? Loads of good things-I can feel it. I’m entering the next decade understanding that time does fly by and I need to grab it and hang on.



I have so much energy happening in the studio right now. I am working on 15 paintings. It must be the January reflection thing about time! Having a blast. Playing with printing and more collage work. Experimenting a bit with colors I don’t usually use. My mixing table is overflowing…

on the studio floor-600

A Fun Painting Party

I also had the pleasure of some great company in the studio this month. A group of my close friends got together for our holiday gift exchange in the studio. Not only were holiday gifts exchanged but everyone experienced pouring paint. What fearless friends! None of them intimidated. We had fantastic music playing, excellent food & drink, and of course lots of paint slinging…

painting party-600

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