A Moment in Time

Life Will Get Better

It’s only a moment in time….but what a moment it is in our human history. Being quarantined for an artist is normal. We usually create solo. I enjoy the solitude. But the one thing right now that is very different is the worry. About finances, about loved ones, about getting sick, about canceled events, the list goes on.

I’ve reached out to several artists that I know and checked in on them. They are definitely worried but taking this time to create more, build more inventory, clean the studio, organize, etc. Keeping busy is important. I am feeling grateful that I can paint to alleviate the stress. I am constantly reminding myself that this moment is temporary. I will remind you too, life will get better.

pink pour 2

Smaller Works

The studio floor has some smaller works in progress. I will have an abundance of work available by the time the studio is open to the public again. If you have a project or a space that needs art, I am offering deep discounts. Let’s call it…The Corona Deal! A wartime effort that I can contribute to and help you at the same time. Let me know what you need.

studio floor

Slowing Down

One of the benefits of this weird time we are in? We have to slow down. This eagle and many more have been very active near my Dad’s house. I almost didn’t see him-had I not looked up I would have missed this. They are so majestic and beautiful to watch. Take a moment and look around you, find beauty in the small things. Hope you and your family are well. If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Even if you just want a (virtual) shoulder to lean on. I am here for you.

eagle in tree 2

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