Abstract Art Paintings for Residential Collections, Businesses, & Commercial Spaces 

Invigorate your space with energetic abstract art paintings.

Creating Poured Paintings in My Tacoma Studio

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Lisa Daniel, Abstract Artist

I help create beautiful spaces. I paint energetic abstract paintings that are organic, large, and colorful. I pour on the floor. Manipulating multiple layers of thin, fluid acrylic paint, gels, paper, and other mixed media additives. I’ve been painting this way for a very, very long time, and I just love it.

My studio is in Tacoma, WA, and fortunately, I have a great space for the freedom to make a mess without worries. I’ve been in this studio for over 5 years and have finally learned the floor. I know where all the uneven places are-you can see this when you walk in just by looking at the floor-major paint spillage!

I encourage you to visit the studio and see for yourself.

Abstract art by Tacoma artist, Lisa Daniel.

Abstract Art Paintings for Individuals & Businesses

I formed my company to work with individuals wanting to activate spaces with beautiful art. I enjoy working with someone who has a mindset of adding energy and color to a space. I work with private individuals, corporations, interior designers, property managers, hotels, architects & whoever appreciates professionalism in the art world.

Adapting to any situation, I show up with my sleeves rolled up, ready to collaborate. I don’t mind a challenge. I am perfectly comfortable and have no fear of paint chips, fabric swatches, or a specific palette. If you like the way I paint but want something particular for a space, I can handle anything. I am experienced by decades and ready to work.

Original Art for Your Space

Whether you’re interested in original artwork that’s ready to hang, leasing paintings to easily rotate and change your space, or commissioned work for your specific needs, you’ve come to the right place.


Studio Inventory

The studio is full of work ready to hang. This changes all the time. I am constantly creating. If you need a painting(s), then make an appointment, and I will roll out the red carpet for you. Feel free to look in the gallery for a selection of available work if you can’t make a studio visit. Happy to deliver for you.


Commission one or several paintings for your home, office, or commercial property. You’ll get original artwork in your unique color palette and your chosen size. It’s perfect when selecting art for a specific space. Consider including me in the design process for site visits and collaboration.


Leasing Program

Leasing artwork is a fantastic choice for long-term leasing, as well as short-term for events or temporary workspaces. With leasing, you can enjoy original artwork and change out the paintings in a space monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or whenever it suits you.

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